A description of water as the life blood of the planet earth

Water is central to our planet.

A description of water as the life blood of the planet earth

The prognosis is not good for either ourselves or the environment unless we radically re-design our water systems and their connections to energy, health, food and waste systems.

Water needs to be clean and flow freely and responds positively to being loved and respected. Alick Bartholomew has written a magnificent book, The Story of Water, that integrates the diverse elements of the central role of water in our lives. This book should be a primary resource for any serious student of both the old and new sciences.

The book begins by describing our usual view of water based on Western science and then deftly moves on to the frontier sciences that embrace water as the source of life in terms of biological systems, quantum energy fields, etheric fields, spirals, vortices, and as a medium for communications and memory.

An understanding of these principles can lead to strategies for treating our water in ways that guarantee a sustainable future for humankind.

Instead of strategies that treat water as the source of life, we now see the uncontrolled spread of E coli in contaminated water.

We see corporate raids on our dwindling water supplies through careless deforestation, mining, drilling, agribusiness and industrialization. We see the pollution and damming of great rivers so that they hardly flow as far as their mouths.

We see acidifying oceans that have become the ultimate sewers for plastic trash, chemicals, oil slicks and radioactive carcinogens. And we look with horror at the human-caused extinctions of species. Unless humanity changes its ways, civilization will almost surely collapse and bring down much of the biosphere with it.

A description of water as the life blood of the planet earth

Bartholomew says that this wanton destruction of the biosphere is unnecessary, because we already have the knowledge to cooperate with nature and provide abundant clean water for all of us.

More than just a chemical compound to be used and abused, water has extraordinary subtleties that lie at the core of a new spiritual science that is longing to be born.

In this book Bartholomew suggests that we cannot understand our relationship with ourselves and the Earth until we understand our relationship to water. We live or die according to the condition of water inside and outside our bodies.

Water has memory, structure and healing properties. It is the medium through which our consciousness works. Water is our very life blood, which is much more important for our well-being than oil.

Without abundant clean water, life cannot go on. Meredith and I live outside Vilcabamba, Ecuador—a village whose pure mountain drinking water is believed to be responsible for the famed longevity of its residents. Unaware of the harmful effects of chlorine on the health of many North Americans, they believed that chlorination would improve the water supply.

Also, the fact that the chlorination unit was offered for free probably had some influence on their decision to chlorinate.

A description of water as the life blood of the planet earth

When they asked for my opinion, I immediately referred to The Story of Water, which explains the perils of chlorination, and I successfully urged them to leave the water alone and to maintain precautions so that the source of the water and the various connections would remain free of contamination by humans and grazing livestock.

Most of the rest of us are not so lucky as the residents of this part of Vilcabamba when it comes to our water supply; chlorine and other treatments may become necessary to kill off harmful bacteria, but they destroy the good bacteria as well.

Close to one billion people on Earth do not have safe drinking water. Waterborne diseases are the number-one cause of early deaths worldwide. Global fresh water is rapidly disappearing from our rivers, aquifers, glaciers and icecaps while corporations co-opt our water supplies and render them chemically polluted.

So much water is wasted, and so much is destroyed, for the use of agriculture, mining and industry.The symbol of life and the divine breath.

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a description of water as the life blood of the planet earth Life-Size reproduction of. Without it this planet would be a desert. Water covers over 70 percent of the earth's surface and fresh water makes up % of the total water supply across the planet of which 70 percent is in the form of snow and ice packs in the Polar Regions.

96 percent of ALL water is found in the oceans and seas and less than 2 percent in ground water with less than one percent in rivers, streams and lakes.

Today, we’ll be covering the role of water in our early earth. Water is central to our planet. Every living thing requires it. Everything that has ever lived required it. Without liquid water, the Earth is a barren, lifeless rock. Fortunately, the Earth has abundant water.

The Formation of the Oceans. We can fairly well tell how they probably occurred. Earth is the only planet we know of that sustains life.

Life on Earth is critically dependent on the abundance of water in all three phases-liquid, vapor and ice. Carbon, existing in a variety of forms, is the very basis of life, and its greatest reservoir. Life in Cold Blood is a BBC nature documentary series written and presented by David Attenborough, first broadcast in the United Kingdom from 4 February on BBC One..

A study of the evolution and habits of amphibians and reptiles, it is the sixth and last of Attenborough's specialised surveys following his major trilogy that began with Life on Earth.

Sharing water means sharing life with this planet, and taking care of our planet gives humankind and all life here on Earth a future. So the next time you have a clean glass of water with dinner, take a moment and appreciate how lucky you are. I know I will.

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