Essay about the legend of sleepy hollow

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Essay about the legend of sleepy hollow

Parts of it were inspired by a true story. There was a teenage boy named Lorcan who said he wanted to be a vampire. Everyone thought he was just looking for attention. All of the kids in school were afraid of him. He was odd-looking and his head seemed too large for his body.

He was unnaturally thin and his eyes were sunken and had dark circles around them. His cheeks were hollow and his skin was a deathly shade of pale. He dressed in black from head to toe. He wore a long black trenchcoat that resembled a cape. When the other kids were playing sports, Lorcan would be sitting in the corner of the school yard, engrossed in one of his books.

He collected books about vampires, devil worship and satanic rituals. He read each one over and over, feverishly underlining passages and taking notes.

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There were always strange rumors about him floating around the neighborhood. Some younger children claimed they had seen him murder a dog and drink its blood.

Others said he would kidnap cats in the neighborhood and bring them home so that he could perform weird experiments on them. His parents were worried sick about him.

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They brought him to doctors and psychiatrists, but none of it did any good. One night, his mother found some of his books. When she realized they were about satanism, she was horrified and threw them in the garbage.

The next day, he made a big hole in the ceiling of his wardrobe. It was his secret passage and it allowed him to crawl up into the attic unnoticed. He kept all his books there, safe from prying eyes. The attic became his secret place.

He even constructed a makeshift altar and decorated it with satanic symbols, upside-down crosses and crude drawings of the devil. One night, he broke into the local church and stole a silver chalice and some communion wafers. He brought them home and placed them on his altar.

During the day, Lorcan was sleepy and lethargic, but at night, he would come alive. While his mother and father were asleep, he would creep around the house barefoot, trying not to make the slightest sound.Legend is a genre of folklore that consists of a narrative featuring human actions perceived or believed both by teller and listeners to have taken place within human history.

Narratives in this genre may demonstrate human values, and possess certain qualities that give the tale, for its active and passive participants, includes no happenings that are outside the realm of.

Essay about the legend of sleepy hollow

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Language No specific book is being recommended for. Essay The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. of the most popular short stories amongst this collection, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, is noted for its action, adventure, romance, horror, and even comedy.

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