Summary on the movie fuel

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis "Fuel" begins by showing us we only only began using oil years ago.

Summary on the movie fuel

Hera leads the rebel attack on the Imperial blockade at Lothalwith Grand Admiral Thrawn determined to stop her. Hera orders her pilots to stay with their wingmatesas they need to protect the slower Y-wings.

Cleat says that the Imperials have numbers, but they have talent, and Mart Mattin responds Summary on the movie fuel that goes double for him. Chopper beeps that it's triple for him, prompting Hera to sigh in exasperation.

She orders her squadron to lock their S-foils in attack position. Commander Woldar informs the Grand Admiral that they are counting 24 ships.

Summary on the movie fuel

Thrawn orders fighters launched, and tells his best pilot, Vult Skerristhat the Rebels must not be allowed to reach the planet's surface. As the TIE fighters are launched, Hera tells her pilots to accelerate to attack speed, and the fighting begins.

Zeb asks Sabine if she's sure that the explosives are powerful enough, and when she responds yes, he says that the towers are much larger up close. As the Rebels hide from a watching stormtrooperEzra contacts Ryder Azadiwho reports that his team is done planting their explosives, and says he'll meet them at the rendezvous.

Ezra responds that they only have one tower left, and they sign off. Sabine notes that Hera will be there any minute. Up above, the X-wings shoot down many TIE fighters. Hera tells Mart, Phoenix Twoto handle a wingman, and he shoots down another TIE, which crashes into a light cruiser. Cleat confirms the orders, before she and her wingmate attack.

She tells Duke to keep up, and he responds that he's trying. He tells his two wingmen to stay on him and comes in behind Duke. Cleat warns him that he's picked up three more, but Duke is swiftly shot down by Skerris.

He then pursues Cleat and fires on her, taking out one of her engines. She reports that she's lost control, and Hera responds, telling Cleat to scissor right so she can cut them off.

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As Phoenix Four flees, Skerris shoots her down, and Hera attacks him, taking out both of his wingmen. As she flies past, Skerris realizes who she is based on the piloting skill and pursues.

The turrets on Lothal begin firing, just as Zeb places the last explosives on the tower.

Summary on the movie fuel

Ezra, Sabine and Kanan pull up on speeder bikesand upon getting confirmation that Zeb is done, Ezra tells him to hop on. Zeb responds by telling Ezra that that's not how this works, before yanking him out of the driver's seat and putting him on the back of the bike, and sitting in the seat himself.

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The Rebels escape, and Sabine presses a detonatorsetting off the explosives and causing the towers to neatly collapse in on themselves. Governor Arihnda Pryce reports to Thrawn via hologram that her air defenses have been destroyed, and he states that it is an impressive but not unexpected level of coordination.

Pryce responds that the factory is vulnerable, but Thrawn is unconcerned, stating that none of the Rebel ships will get past his blockade.

Amid the space battle, Skerris pursues Hera, but is unable to land a hit. She bemoans that he is too fast, before getting an idea and telling Chopper to hang on.

Hera leads the Imperial ace towards the Chimaera, causing Skerris to wonder where she is going. Thrawn is alerted to an X-wing approaching on an attack vector, and orders Skerris to break off.

He refuses, responding that he almost has Hera in his sights. Thrawn remarks that it is unfortunate, before ordering his gunners to open fire.

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A subordinate expresses concern about Skerris, and Thrawn responds that the Commander is playing into Hera's hands before repeating the order. The Chimaera's guns fire, bringing down both Hera and Skerris' shields. Hera tells Chopper to tighten his bolts, before heading in.

Thrawn approaches the windows and sees Hera and Skerris fly past.Summary This Documentary film was film in an Elementary School named Evergreen Primary School located in Wuhan, China.

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The film never dwells on the negative, but instead shows .

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