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The idea for the show was introduced to Fuller by Nigel Lythgoe was had been inspired by the New Zealand reality show Popstars.

The advertising of mobilink

Subjects include personal activities, education, South Asia, South Asian community, regional and international affairs and US politics to financial markets.

Then I realize it is too much to ask of the people involved. Here are some of my reasons why: There is a total lack of professionalism in the way the law-enforcement agencies in Pakistan go about their business. Even a cursory review by a lay person who has watched CSI: Miami or other US police shows on TV can see that no established crime scene procedures are understood or followed in Pakistan.

The police do not immediately seal off the crime scenes. The police do not take time to carefully collect and preserve crime scene evidence such as detailed pictures, sketches, weapons, bullet fragments, explosives residues, blood swatches, fibers, vehicles etc.

The police do not immediately contact the people present in the vicinity, interrogate them professionally and record their statements.

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They do not order an immediate autopsy in murder cases. They let the media and even ordinary folks just walk into the crime scene, disturb it and take pictures etc. They order that the crime scene be hosed down as quickly as possible even before it is scrutinized adequately for clues.

Even if all of the appropriate and internationally acceptable procedures were followed, there is a widespread fascination among the people and the media for all kinds of conspiracy theories on all matters, big and small.

The politicians, in particular, immediately start accusing their opponents to gain political advantage. With total disregard for search of the truth, such an environment is clearly not conducive to any serious investigations of political or any other crimes in Pakistan.

Looking at the history of political assassinations in Pakistan, there are three assassinations that stand out: What is common in these assassinations is that in each case there were conspiracy allegations and Scotland Yard was brought in. In the first two cases, Scotland Yard could not help for various reasons including the fact that the crime scene evidence in each case was bungled by the Pakistani police.

If Pakistanis really want to learn anything from this history, they must resolve to fix the law-enforcement training and procedures to start to do the basic things right.

Otherwise, they will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again. Given the formidable challenge of the various domestic and international terror groups, Pakistan would become a soft target for their violence against perceived pro-West people and politicians and suffer widespread death and destruction.

If Pakistanis do fix these procedures, I think they have a chance of dealing with political, terrorist, and criminal violence more effectively and lessen its impact on society at large. In my view, this suggestion is applicable in Pakistan regardless of the form of government Pakistan has: Of course, democracy is preferable to enlist the support of the people to address the underlying causes of violence.View and Download Panasonic Toughbook CFBCAGCMM supplementary manual online.

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The advertising of mobilink
SZABIST Islamabad