The little white owl book writing activities

A few branches and pinecones.

The little white owl book writing activities

Registration is no longer needed! They will help your students with number sense, place value, patterns and relationships, as well as subitizing.

While researching 10 frames, I found a wonderful 10 frame game your students can play. There's no reading involved, a voice tells you what to do. The four games that can be played with their applet, help to develop counting and addition skills.

Children can independently play: How Many, Build, Fill and Add. Click on the above link to hop on over. I also took a look at YouTube to see if I could find some quick explanations.

Click on the link to pop over. For a 1 minute frame explanation click on that link. Since I planned all of my teaching around various themes each month, I decided to make 10 Frames featuring the most popular ones I could think of.

the little white owl book writing activities

Working on the same procedures can get a bit boring, but if you switch things up with different 10 frame templates, students will get excited to continue practicing skills. There are a lot of ways to use these 10 frames.

Teacher Bits and Bobs: Playing With Owl "Poop" {An Owl Pellet FREEBIE}

They certainly enhance number sense. They also help students subitize: Besides the obvious uses, I've also made a set of numbers, number words, and math symbols plus, minus, equals, greater and less than so students can make equations and play a variety of other games.

Everyone arranges their ten frame so it shows the same number. The teacher calls out random numbers between 0 and Children change their ten frame to show the new number.

O is for owls | Oopsey Daisy

To practice subitizing, use them as flashcards to see who can call out the correct number first. They are also nice in a math center, using manipulatives and dry erase markers to fill them in.

To make manipulatives to add to the 10 frames, simply run off extra pages of the filled 10 frame and cut them into squares. I'm in the process of making some for each month, and started with September.

I just finished apple 10 frames, owl 10 frames and pirate 10 frames. Click on the links to zip on over to download these freebies. I also have pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows, frogs, stars, bats, spiders, dinosaurs and bees in the works, to round out fall, before I begin ones for winter.

If there is a theme that you'd like 10 frames for, shoot me an e-mail and I'll add it to my list, and let you know when I've completed it. Feel free to PIN anything you think others might enjoy. My "Pin It" button is at the top. If you'd like to take a peek at all of the awesome-educational things I spend way too much time pinning, simply click on the "Follow Me" heart to the right.

Completed projects also make a cute bulletin board. If your boards are already filled, use these as a boarder on a hallway wall for an eye-catching display. Run off the template on white construction paper.

the little white owl book writing activities

Have students answer the numbered questions, by putting their short answers in the matching numbered areas of the books. The questions appear on the template. Students color and cut out their owl, and share it with their classmates.

Collect them and scatter across a bulletin board. I've included a large owl, with the questions inside, for you to use as the center of your board. I like to use bright-colored material, burlap, or pin-dot wrapping paper as alternatives to plain b. To add more pizzazz to your students' work, giv e them wiggle eyes and a photo to glue to their creation.The Little White Owl - book, teaching resources, story, cards, mat, sequencing, primary resources, play, Early Years (EYFS), KS1 & KS2 Primary Teaching A daily photo to enhance your teaching with inspiring activities.

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Handwriting. Twinkl's Handwriting Scheme. - a revolutionary approach to handwriting. The Little White Owl by Tracey. Five Little Pumpkins Activities.

October 17, by Katie Filed Under: They have a free printable mini book for Five Little Pumpkins. They have two versions: color and black and white (which your child can color themselves!).

Owl Finger Puppet Tutorial (and Fingerplay!). Fun children's learning activities, including printable templates, for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school kids. I absolutely love the White Owl and the colors are amazing. Thanks for sharing your fun activities.

This time of year it seems like the kiddos act more like brothers and sisters instead of friends, it's time for a break from each other. Little White Owl Paper Bag Puppets: Book Activity Usually we do book activities as an extension of the book, so we do the project after we've read it.

This time we did the craft first so we could use them to dramatize the story. The Little White Owl bulletin board. This would be neat in the hallway for the first few weeks of school Find this Pin and more on School by Kristin Brillant. Diary of a First Grade Teacher I teach a unit on owls in the fall, which I assume many of you do as well.

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